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november <3 
6th-Dec-2009 07:08 pm
let me tell you a little bit about my november. november is always one of my favourite months and i'm sure everyone can guess right away it's because my birthday is right in the middle. november is also national novel writing month, and we all know how i love writing novels. thanksgiving is in november and also veteran's day. it's the start of the christmas season, the weather isn't usually too terrible and sometimes it snows but it's okay because we aren't already sick of the snow.

so this november i turned twenty-five. i had my best friend by my side for that sort of epicness. we had awesome adventures that included getting to know my brother and his girlfriend a little better - to the point where hanging out has become sort of regular, and definitely comfortable, celebrating her half birthday and watching a christmas carol in 3d. i got really drunk on white zinfindel and realized that wine is definitely the alcohol i need to be drinking if i want to get drunk. because otherwise... i have a really hard time even getting tipsy. we got lost in boston, we were serenaded (well i guess i was because it was "happy birthday") by gay waiters in the cheesecake factory. we played on swings

for the rest of my november, let me summarize: i started taking anti depressants toward the end of october. those can take up to five weeks to start really working. by the time five weeks was up i had had an amazing two weeks and i was kind of depressed by sending sarii back to south carolina. so i couldn't accurately report anything on my follow up doctors visit. instead she upped my dosage, which i've yet to start taking. before sarii even got here i got my first kiss and an attempted make out session in a target parking lot with this guy i met online. i left target overwhelmed and unsure that i like kissing. also unsure if i even like this guy.

november ended with: me buying the best christmas present -- tickets for sarii to come up for new years, and it also ended with me pinned against this guys' car, his tongue down my throat and his hand in my pants. outside of panera bread. it took that for me to realize that i definitely don't like him because i felt nearly nothing the whole time we were together. but i also concluded that i don't hate kissing. i just wasn't into kissing him.

that was last sunday. and i haven't contacted him since. ironically he texted me today to tell me he met someone else and blah blah blah i'm a lovely person. i am amused, to say the least. and sort of already talking to someone else. more real details to come sometime in the future.

here's to december 2009, it's a funny sort of month already and we're only six days in. i'm currently texting my brother, trying to bribe him to buy me reese's. it's probably a losing battle, but i might as well take the chance.
7th-Dec-2009 02:07 pm (UTC)
Wow, what a month! I had no idea you were taking anti-depressants. I hope everything begins to get better with that soon.

I miss you lots, we need to talk more.
8th-Dec-2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
and sort of already talking to someone else.

10th-Dec-2009 04:00 am (UTC)
.... that's the guy i went out with tonight...
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