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i was going through old photobuckets looking for autumn-like pictures and ran into pictures of Kandie, my dog who died in the winter of 2004. and kat who looks sososo young.and pictures from the surprise party i threw for shaylin for her 20th birthday. photos from freshman year of college. california. it's all a mashup. enjoy

25th-Sep-2009 02:56 pm(no subject)
i feel like i have a lot words stuck in the back of my throat that i can't get out. i feel like crying a lot. for no reason. or for every reason. but for nothing new. i want to shutdown my lj. i want to start fresh somewhere new. i want to feel like i could start new somewhere and rebuild. or maybe i should work on rebuilding in real life. i have this entire weekend off, i'm probably going to spend it reading. then being aggrevated on sunday night by the fact that i didn't do anything productive. i was going to post my tilt in here, but i'm not really in the mood. i just remembered that i didn't eat lunch. maybe i'll just wait for dinner. my mood varies every five minutes, not always with any sort of reason. i wish i made more money, or had less bills so i could move out.
18th-Sep-2009 10:24 pm(no subject)

images made in MS Paint
finally hanging out with Juli
second hand (red) shoes from Sarii
karaoke on monday night
being a spy
riding my bike
new episode of The Office
making lists of things i need for an apartment
orange spice tea
pre ordering new books
trent - ari's baby. he's all smiles unless his mother's out of view

Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind

13th-Sep-2009 12:16 am - we're gonne be big stars.

Tattoo number four. The one tattoo I have on the left side of my body (which is strange considering I am a lefty) sits on the arch of my left foot. nine simple numbers over the arc of a shooting start look smudged and faded on my skin. i made the mistake of impulsively getting my lady bug tattoo just days before. this ladybug required all of the white blood cells it could, leaving Elvis' social security number to fend for itself on my foot, ultimately only healing half way.

elvis isn't a metaphor for hope or belief or faith but in a way he, & the tattoo, stands for all that and so much more. for example, it's a leap of faith to agree to get a matching tattoo with someone -- no matter how much you love them. what if you hate each other by the end of the week? In case anyone wasn't aware, Sarii and I got the same tattoo (on the second day I was down in South Carolina in November) one that she designed because of our mutual love for Elvis Presley. It stemmed from a job about us getting "Baby" tattooed on our asses then talk of Elvis tattoos. I suggested we get one. "I am totally serious" to shich she replied, "So am I."

My forth tattoo is a self proclaimed symbol of friendship. It's an expression of music -- loving it while heartedly, though not as loudly or straight forward because that isn't really necessary.

And the shooting star? It's pretty and simple. And We are gonna be big stars...

random facts about this tattoo:
- it , for me, has resulted in a few strange looks
- i can't say social security number outloud right without carefully and slowly pronouncing all of the syllables seperately
- i told my mom they were magic numbers and she asked if it was a Harry Potter tattoo
- i plan on having it fixed either in November for the one year anniversary or perhaps in May when i am back down in South Carolina

11th-Sep-2009 05:55 pm(no subject)
♥ talking to sarii on aim
♥ discussing making a pilgrim-like movie. because i misread pilgrim-like move
♥.♥.♥.♥.♥ HEARTS♥.♥.♥.♥.♥
♥ the fact that sarii didn't totally hate massachusetts
♥ having an entire weekend off
♥ smelling like Rose The One
♥ facebook stalking
♥ i am incredibly distracted right now
♥ that is not a complaint
♥ Chance! Except when he jumps out of the bushes and I almost run him over
♥ eating breakfast
♥ Italian food
♥ googling "italian language classes Plymouth, ma" and finding an amazing  woman who teaches italian, cooking classes and just opened a trattoria right next to Peaceful Meadows in Plymouth (i went there last night, the food was great and Patrizia was adorable, she introduced herself to us and walked around the tables asking people what they ordered)
♥ Wonderfalls
♥ I stopped by the new Spirit Store in plymouth because it opened on Wednesday and I saw my old district manager there and she immediately offered me a job if I want some extra hours (though I'm not going back there, it's nice to know people want me to work places)
♥ thinking about getting a big-girl ipod (because my nano isn't? i dont know) with 160 gigs and naming it James Nate Archibald Weasley so it can be boyfriends with Remus Chuck Bass Potter
♥ TRack 9 on Ursa Major. I think it's called Water Landing... ?
6th-Sep-2009 11:34 am(no subject)
maybe it's just me, but the real world pretty much bums me out most of the time
5th-Sep-2009 10:05 pm(no subject)
Sunday August 30th: NYC movies - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (or was that Saturday night?), Breakfast at Tiffanys, packing, I honestly can't remember much more from the day, let's barely sleep because staying up is FUN, crack lab (aka s'mores making with lighters and tooth picks) in my bedroom, uhhh maybe we should try for two hours
Monday August 31st:  alarm goes off at three am, "two creams and six splender?" Chinatown bus to NYC. THE PALACE, oh hey there's Rockafella Center, lunch at the rock cafe, gay waiter, too many birds, NBC store, Stay Golden shirt, "I like your voice.... let me sing Elvis to you", 5th Avenue, FAO Swarz, Grand Central Station, OMG ITS THE LIBRARY HOTEL, Lindt chocolate, Saks on 5th, Rose The One perfume, get keys/ nap time/ change clothes, the metro is annoying, baaaad service at Southern Hospitality, let's have drinks at the GILT , $12 dessert, OMG he was sitting in that seat, random old guys dancing in the doorway of the bar, okay bed time? no let's hang out 41 floors up and LOOK AT THE LIGHTS <3333
Tuesday September 1th room service coffee!!, central park, photos by the fountain, The Dakota </3, where the fuck is Strawberry Fields? pizza at Balsey park, I MADE IT TO BROADWAY NORAH, drinks at The London, hotel time for naps/ getting ready, going the wronnnng way into Brooklyn, let's let the concierge figure it out for us, Hotel Chelsea, W23rd street, everyone at the Half King loved us, Drunken Monkey, insert crossed eyed/ squinty/ retarded face here, too late for bowling, you can't lean there because there's a cop, I'm too hysterical, he's somewhere up there (sleeping?), pictures by Chelsea Piers, almost losing the camera, photoshoot by the Tate, cab ride back, ~room service~ pizza, 3am bath with Stardust bath bomb, sleep
Wednesday September 2nd: Breakfast at Tiffany's, shopping at Tiffanys, let's go to the Met, oh nevermind it's too far of a walk, central park, metro to Queens, cab driver who didn't know where we were going, thought cemetery = office, First Calvery Cemetery, Sophie & Chuck headstones one in front of the other, birds eating grass seed over fresh graves, lunch at Tom's Restaurant, eating with my own personal Kramer, gift shop stuff is all kind of dumbbb, wtf there are Twilight Halloween cards.... SRSLY?, huge ass cupcakes, time to get our luggage and go :(, crazy cab driver, got tickets five minutes before the bus was supposed to show up, the most upsetting time is when you're watching the city as you move away, long ride home, omgwtfyoucan'thavemcdonalds, golden girls, bedtiime
Thursday September 3rd: coma day, s'mores (in a real fire pit) for breakfast/lunch, printing out 300 pictures at walmart (okay so two sets of 150), amazingly accurate audrey hepburn quoted photo albums at ~TARGET~, dinner at Cabby Shack (lobster!), ice cream for dessert Match Point, go to sleep to The Godfather
Friday September 4th: breakfast at Percys, amazing palm reading, Antiquing, I saw Shaylin's mom and cleverly avoided her, the British store for more tasty cakes and some tea, last episode of Pushing Daisies, deep dish pizza at Unos, Sam Diego's with Sarii, Karen, Justin & Jess. Awesomeness ensues. More awesomeness back to my house with jager and midori (not together!) le't sonly sleep for two hours because we're out of time :(
Saturday September 5th
: two hours of sleep, dunkin donuts, airport, showing gerardy pictures, sarii goes through security, drive home, King Richards Faire with Kat, after an hour at the faire (i want to buy all the wings and glitter/ clam chowder in a bread bowl, ari is working there this year) we go to Borders, i buy books and Interview magazine because Chace is in it, home, nap, panera bread, cvs, here & now, gerard's having a party in the backyard

4th-Sep-2009 12:43 am(no subject)
um, i'm having the best time. for more pictures see my facebook album here
things i love thursday
New York City

the fung wah bus to NYC Chinatown
breakfast at Tiffanys

the Palace

room service
the half king

fancy desserts that cost more than a movie

strawberry fields forever

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
the Cheesecake Factory
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince in IMAX
Jordan's Furniture in Natick
Martha's Vineyard
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
diet coke
tea parties in Boston Harbor

Boston's Museum of Science

Marmite (hahahah JK)

3D Chalk

Dolce & Gabbana's Rose The One

tv shows i'm looking forward to this upcoming season (or, when the season starts):
gossip girl
vampire diaries
united states of tara
californication (though i still need to watch season 2)

anyone have any other shows i should be watching?

30th-Aug-2009 03:36 am - Vacation Part Uno
Saturday August 22nd: Airport, Natick mall, Cheesecake Factory, Harry Potter in IMAX,  Party at Krista's
Sunday August 23rd: *Plymouth* Marylou's coffee, Mayflower, British Store, eating Marmite, Sushi for lunch, Walmart!!!, 3D Chalk, decorating Karen's parking space, TGIFridays.
Monday August 24th: *Martha's Vineyard* drive to Wood's Hole, Ferry to the Vineyard, hippie cab driver, a lot of walking on main street, lunch at Sharky's, more walking, Flying Horses Carousel, hippie cab driver asking us where all our bags were, Obama hanging out in the Vineyard, Bobama shirts, Surelock Homes sign, getting lost, Papa Ginos for dinner
Tuesday August 25th: *shopping* at the Mall. watching of Tudors season1 (episodes 1-4)
Wednesday August 26th: *Boston* day one: lunch at Daisy Buchanan's, lots of walking, LUSH, shopping, UM WTF Where is the Sunset Cruise? Cheesecake Factory dinner, burping in the cheque, let's go home!
Thursday August 27th: *Boston* day two: Lunch at E&C's, our own Boston Tea Party, Triceratops @ the Museum of Science, Liberty Hotel, Sam Diego's for dinner, CUPCAKES for Dessert.
Friday August 28th: GROCERY SHOPPING, Kat's annoying, lot's of COOKING, almost no one came, Mint Juleps, Bourbon = not my favourite, at all, Closer, bed.
Saturday August 29th: BLINK 182!!!!!! uploading pictures, staying up as late as possible, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, now <3.

24th-Aug-2009 11:20 pm(no subject)
It feels really nice to not be working 55 hours a week, and it's only the first monday of my (two week long) vacation. I'm having an awesome time, the kind that can't really be described in works, but there will probably be pictures to come in a few weeks in some form -- maybe only on facebook. Even before all this I've been neglecting livejournal a lot. I've been reading posts but mostly not responding. Maybe this fall I'll get better at that.

Sarii is currently reading a letter I wrote to her a month ago, laughing over my ridiculousness because I get carried away and add extra letters to words and she's laughing hysterically over the nonesense that I write during work. It's pretty amusing to have to ask what she's laughing at then realize how moronic I sound. Anyway, we went to Martha's Vineyard today and it turns out Obama is there for the week (i think) and it was a big deal to every one and every single shop we went into sold Obama t-shirts of some sort, and Obama key chains and magnets. The best part about all of that is that a lot of the shirts said something like "MArtha's Vineyard Vacation 09" or something like that, they were very specific. and ridiculous. Oh, and there were t-shirts with his dog on them, too. Only they called him Bobama. Awesome.

I have a farmer's tan/ burn from the ferry and walking around so much time. It's kind of amusing and also annoying.

We are going to watch S Darko. I am boring. But having an awesome time, so there is that. :)
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